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Auckland Alternative Wedding Photographer: Jess Manning - Gothic Wedding PlannerGothic Wedding Planner

Auckland Alternative Wedding Photographer: Jess Manning

Jess is a star – she’s the behind-camera genius on both the Corpsepaint Kitty t-shirt shoot and the Steampunk Wedding Shoot. Jess is an Auckland-based photographer with a creative flair and a personable on-site focus that will work perfectly for any couple wanting an alternative wedding.


Who are you and What do you do?

My name is Jess Manning and I’m a freelance photographer specialising in alternative weddings and fashion photography.


What drew you initially to alternative subculture?

I guess being on the ‘fringe’ myself, but also the energy. Traditional is fine, but alternative weddings have that talking point about them, and a much more relaxed, fun vibe.



Tell us a little about your photographic process? How do you come up with your inspiration?

Like any creative process you need to have an idea of what it is you want to create before you even start. If you can capture how you’re feeling (or how someone else is feeling) in an image then that’s a really good start. Most of my photography aims to imply what’s going on in a situation. Everyone has their own creative interest though, it’s a case of discovering what you’re drawn to and working towards perfecting that.



What are a couple of songs/artists you’re thrashing right now?

I’m really loving Vadar’s new album at the moment (Welcome to the Morbid Reich) “I am who feats upon your soul” is a really good track. Other than that it’s the good old favourites – Pink Floyd, A Perfect Circle, Opeth, Muse and Swallow the Sun.


Any advice you could offer to couples choosing a photographer?

There’s so much you have to get sorted for a wedding so it can be tempting to rush the huge to-do list, but I think it’s really important after the initial meeting with your photographer to meet up again at the venue and let your photographer know if you have any particular shots in mind. A good photographer will take the time to understand what you want and your personalities and bring this across in how the photos are composed and directed. Weigh up your options too, you don’t have to go with the first photographer you come across or sign the paperwork straight away. Having a good rapport with a potential photographer at the first meeting is important.



What’s coming up for Jess Manning Photography?

I’m really looking forward to a Gothic Victorian wedding I have coming up at Alberton House. The location and couple are gorgeous, it’s going to be a really fun shoot.

What do you offer alternative brides?

Details of my alternative wedding packages are available on my website. Some wedding photographers have several packages based on the number of shots they take. I only have one, with the belief that I deliver my very best everytime, regardless of the number of images provided. Visit my Facebook page or use the form to contact me with your wedding inquiries. I look forward to working with you!