Steampunk Wedding Shoot: Heritage, Jess Manning Photography, Cog and Compass and more.


I am a lucky girl to have such talented friends. When I sent a message out on Facebook asking my crew if anyone wanted to help me put together a steampunk-themed shoot, within a day I had a solid crew of designers, photographers, cupcake bakers, makeup artists and models ready at my beck and call. […]

Steampunk Wedding Shoot: Sneak Peek!

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I’ve been a busy wedding bee in March and April. Not only have I performed one beautiful wedding ceremony this month, appeared in Altared Magazine and The Ultimate Goth Guide, and are helping two couples plan their unique events, but I managed to pull together a creative group of friends for a fun steampunk wedding […]

WIN Alternative Wedding Favors from French Made! Last Chance today!


Just a quick note to let you know today is your LAST day to enter to win one of five stunning alternative favor boxes from French Made. There are five different designs: Gothic, Medieval, Steampunk, Rockabilly and Heavy Metal. To enter, simply leave a note on the French Made Favor post stating which box is […]

Giveaway: Alternative Wedding Favor Boxes from FrenchMade

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Lauren Grassi is the genius designer behind French Made, a UK-based company specializing in beautiful table service and bespoke wedding favors. Lauren’s usual style fuses shabby chic/vintage style with her French heritage to create delicate, elegant and delicious table settings – cakes, sweets, decorations and favors. So when she contacted me to ask if I’d […]

Halloween Wedding Themes


If you’re anything like me, Halloween is your favourite holiday. Costumes, Spooky decorations, hauntings and – of course – all that candy! So when you begin planning your upcoming nuptials, of course you think a Halloween Wedding would be perfect. So now you know your theme – Halloween – but what kind of Halloween wedding […]

Medieval wedding favors: Medieval Love Potion


If you’re planning a medieval wedding, you might be a bit stuck when it comes to ideas for wedding favors. Why not play on the magic of the occasion and give everyone a bottle of this medieval love potion? Via the lovely ladies at Midnight Garden forums: DIY Love potion favor   You will need […]