Steampunk Wedding Shoot: Heritage, Jess Manning Photography, Cog and Compass and more.


I am a lucky girl to have such talented friends. When I sent a message out on Facebook asking my crew if anyone wanted to help me put together a steampunk-themed shoot, within a day I had a solid crew of designers, photographers, cupcake bakers, makeup artists and models ready at my beck and call. […]

Wedding DIY: Gnarly Tree Gothic Wedding Centrepieces


If you’re anything like me, the typical “wedding industry” ideas of flower arrangements and pink and white floating candles don’t really make you excited about wedding centerpieces. One of the most gothic centerpiece ideas I’ve seen is the gnarly tree centerpieces – you know the ones – branches on all angles, with crystals and candles […]

Eco-Friendly Ideas for Gothic Weddings

Nowadays, we all need to be conscious about the amount of waste we produce. Huge events like weddings contribute rubbish to landfills and pollution. But your wedding doesn’t have to be an environmental disaster. Here are a few ideas to not only save the environment with your wedding, but to save yourself some money, too. […]