Halloween Wedding Themes

If you’re anything like me, Halloween is your favourite holiday. Costumes, Spooky decorations, hauntings and – of course – all that candy! So when you begin planning your upcoming nuptials, of course you think a Halloween Wedding would be perfect.

So now you know your theme – Halloween – but what kind of Halloween wedding do you want? With such a broad, fun theme, anything goes. Pick a style to suit your personalities and budget.

What does Halloween mean to you? Maybe you and your partner love being scared together – watching scary movies or visiting haunted houses. Or perhaps you are Gothic at heart – loving the romance of vampires and deserted graveyards. Are you pagans who consider Halloween part of the sacred Samhain festival, or do you love dressing up in costumes the most?

I’ve included a few ideas to get you started.


A Harvest Festival.

A fall-themed harvest wedding hearkens back to ancient pagan festivals – celebrate new life and fertility with your guests. Invade a campground for the weekend, and bring in instruments, fire staff, costumes and cameras galore. Build your own stone circle from riverstones and hold your ceremony within. At a harvest festival, the food should take centre stage. Roast meat on the spit and serve with hearty fare – potatoes, home-made breads and, of course, pumpkins.

halloween wedding ideas

A Masquerade Ball

For an elegant Halloween affair, consider masquerade ball. Rent an opulent Victorian hall and serve canapés and Halloween cocktails while a string band leads the dance. Inform all guests they are to come in masked costume and provide masks and props for those who forget. Alternatively, you could designate one table as a craft area, and provide scissors, coloured paper, string, glitter, feathers and fake jewels for guests to make their own masks. If you plan on inviting children to your gothic wedding, a make-your-own-mask table will be a hit!


A Horror Movie Night

For fans of horror and splatter films, a movie-themed Halloween wedding celebrates your “unique” interests. Hold the ceremony on the stage of a theatre. After dinner (corn dogs, pizza and popcorn) assemble on the stage for dancing. Project scenes from your favourite horror films on the backdrop, and scatter Halloween props throughout the tables and chairs.

Cemetery Picnic

Perfect for relaxed, gothic weddings held in the summer months, a small church wedding and cemetery picnic create a charming atmosphere. They’re also inexpensive without scrimping on class and ambience.

2008 Wilton Industries

2008 Wilton Industries

Many small local chapels have small cemeteries attached, and the chapel services for larger cemeteries are available for wedding hire. After your service, assemble amongst the graves for photographs, then unfold your picnic blankets and enjoy.

Perhaps one of these ideas appeals to you, or maybe you need to do more thinking about how to create your dream Halloween wedding. But once you have a solid wedding theme and style sorted, you can move onto the fun part of wedding planning – choosing the venue, décor, favours, decorations, flowers, cake and, of course, the beautiful wedding dress!

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