Real Weddings: Lee and Chrissy’s laid back Heavy Metal concert wedding

Every wedding is special, but for the wedding celebrant, the first wedding they officiate definitely remains in their mind. And if their first wedding happens to be a heavy metal show for two close friendly and incredible awesome people, well … it’s definitely a occasion to remember for the rest of your life!


Photo by Laudanum Maryluxe

Lee and Chrissy have been close friends for a number of years. We met them when my husband auditioned for their metal covers band. He played with them for more than two years, and they’re definitely familiar faces in the mosh pit at local shows. They’re always up for a party, always in the middle of drama on Facebook, and are heavily involved in promoting local music and bringing international bands to our shores. In short, they are one bad-ass couple who deserved an awesome night.



Photo by Laudanum Maryluxe


Photo by Laudanum Maryluxe

For their venue, they chose the King’s Arms, one of the best live venues in Auckland and the scene of many a raucous night over the years. They’re quite private people when it comes to their, so they wanted a ceremony that was quick, light-hearted and represented them.


Photo by Laudanum Maryluxe

Chrissy’s dress was a beautiful blue medieval-style dress with a damask pattern and long, sweeping sleeves. Her gorgeous nails were done by Monaco Nail Artists, and makeup by BecxWecx. Lee wore his patched denim vest and his family tartan. As part of their ceremony they had their little granddaughter perform a highland dance to the bagpipes from AC/DC’s “back in black”. (This was happening while the register-signing was meant to be going on, but everyone wanted to watch, so we actually skipped the signing and did it after the ceremony).


The wedding ceremony

When I arrived at the venue, I discovered one of the groomsmen had left the license at the hotel, so back they went for it. Lee seemed surprisingly calm given this development. We started 20 minutes late, but that’s nothing in wedding ceremony terms. Everyone finally arrived, the license was deposited in my hands, the bride walked in, looking stunning, and they took each other’s hands while Lee’s Aunty did a fantastic, heartfelt and hilarious opening intro to the occasion. This was actually longer and more wordy than the ceremony itself!


Photo by Laudanum Maryluxe

Lee and Chrissy didn’t want to say their vows in front over everyone – they were nervous enough as it was! I suggested they write their vows down, seal them in envelopes, and exchange them to read later.


Photo by Laudanum Maryluxe

I pronounced them married by the Gods of Heavy Metal. \m/ Then their friend Ryan Kershaw played some Guns n’ Roses.

Their intimate ceremony was in front of 50 guests – their way of keeping it less terrifying and also keeping costs down. After the ceremony finished, we all sat down to enjoy dinner and drinks while the official photographs (taken by Laudenum Maryluxe) went on.


Photo by Laudanum Maryluxe


Shennanigans (Photo by Laudanum Maryluxe)

At around 8pm, the rest of the guests showed up – ie. pretty much the entire metal community in Auckland – and the party really got started. Lee and Chrissy did a couple of songs with their band, Forsaken Age, followed by a performance by Stormforge, and finishing off with a Black Sabbath tribute from After Forever.



Nails by Monaco Nail Art

What I loved about this wedding was the laid-back, unpretentious nature of it. Many couples would baulk at the very thought of getting married at a bar, serving BBQ food and having loud, raging metal music for a reception. But for Lee and Chrissy – this was perfect. It is exactly who they are. They weren’t trying to be Prince and Princess for a day – they were doing a wedding the way it should be done – a celebration of love with friends and family. If you’d seen the crowd of leather-clad bogans, you wouldn’t have believed me, but there was hardly a dry eye in the room through most of the speeches. These two are greatly loved by everyone, and it was truly an honour to be able to play a part in their day. Not to mention: it was one of the best parties of the year.


Speeches. Love Vinnie’s yawn 🙂 (Photo by Laudanum Maryluxe)


Photo by Laudanum Maryluxe



A wonderful night for a heavy metal couple \m/

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