Seasons of the Earth – medieval wedding dresses, handfasting cords, ritual oils

Recently I got asked to perform a wedding ceremony for a bride and groom getting married in a medieval style wedding. Their ceremony includes a lot of pagan elements – including an elaborate handfasting ceremony, and I’ve excited about being able to officiate for them! I’ve been finding lots of beautiful pagan / medieval website online, and I wanted to show you one today – Seasons of the Earth.

Seasons of the Earth originally began as a herbal shop, but they’ve branched out into medieval and renaissance costuming, and we’re mighty glad they did.


Gothic Renaissance dress, $230, by Seasons of the Earth

This gothic-inspired dress comes in five pieces – a black satine skirt, dark red celtic cross brocade and taffeta fabrics for the front and tail of the bodice, and black suede for the back of the bodice. Dark red knotted taffeta is also used in the front of the skirt. The bodice is finished with black rattail for the ties. The cuffs are made with a combination of matching materials.

Kim Cresson is the style maiden behind Seasons of the Earth and their stunning clothing line. All corsets are hand sewn using quality boning and exquisite fabrics. Kim also sells a collection of goddess necklaces, altar candles and other magikal miscelleny. Kim’s goal is to help women of all ages and magical abilities to find and embrace the goddess within.

Of all Kim’s designs – my favorite are the fairy costumes – what a beautiful dress for a magical wedding day!

gothic-wedding-planner-mirror-gateFor me Seasons of the Earth have a collection of poet shirts and hooded capes.

To view the rest of Kim’s collection, visit the Seasons of the Earth website, or the Seasons of the Earth garb etsy shop. She ships internationally via Priority Mail, and can do alterations and custom orders.