Steff loves: Witch City Wicks

Since I can’t talk about weddings all the time, and I aim to do a LOT more writing on this here blog in 2013, I thought it’d be a cool idea to introduce some post that cater to other aspects of the alternative lifestyle – everyday fashion, decor, art, and food. Sometimes I might talk about cool products or alternative companies, other times I might review books or movies, and sometimes I might just share some pictures I think are rad.

Witch City Wicks is just the kind of business I like to support – this small company operating out of Salem, Massachusetts handcraft artisan soy candles with a distinctly gothic aesthetic. A cursory glance at their range reveal aromatherapy candles with descriptive names such as Viking, Absinthe, Pomegranate Cider, and Black Apple.

witch-city-wicks-viking witch-city-wicks-black-appleWitch City Wicks create all their soy candle products by hand in small batches (3-24 at one time), so every candle has unique properties and colours and scents might differ slightly in each batch. All the products used in creating the candles are 100% natural, including the soy wax, fragrance oils, colour dye and lead-free cotton wicks. Most of their candles come in glass containers like jars and shot glasses that can be used around your home after the candle has been used up. (Soybean wax is water-soluble, so they’re easy to clean off).

But why use soy wax? What makes a soy wax candle better than a beeswax candle? Well, first of all, if you’re a vegan and aren’t keen on the idea of products make from masticated nectar hanging around your home, soy wax candles are the ideal solution. Also, candles made from 100% natural soybean wax do not give off any kind of chemical while burning, and emit only the teeniest amount of soot. They also burn cooler and slower than paraffin candles.


With most items priced between $3-$20, these candles make beautiful, inexpensive gifts (for bridesmaids, perhaps?) or add a lovely gothic touch to an intimate wedding ceremony. I love to light aromatherapy candles at home while I’m reading or working, and some of Witch City Wicks’ creations will definitely find their way into my home very soon.

You can purchase direct from the Witch City Wicks website, or through their Etsy Shop, and follow them on Facebook for updates and giveaways.