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Stephanie and Pete's Day of the Dead rock freakshow wedding - Gothic Wedding PlannerGothic Wedding Planner

Stephanie and Pete’s Day of the Dead rock freakshow wedding

As a wedding photographer, Stephane spends a lot of time absorbed in the tulle-and-ribbons side of the wedding industry, so it’s no wonder that together with her creative husband Pete, she created a beautiful, colourful and quirky wedding day. Keep reading for all of the wedding details and lots of gorgeous photographs of this vaudeville gothic freakshow complete with Day of the Dead tableware, buttons and gothic rock bands!


Who be you?

I am Stephanie and my husband is Pete. We live in New York City. I am a wedding photographer and I also shoot portraits and bands for fun. My husband is a commercial model maker and jewelry designer.


Together Forever Poster

Tell you about your favorite wedding details?

I really loved so many things about my wedding! My dress and the cake were pretty amazing. We used day of the dead fabric for tablecloths and made table wreaths by gluing prop eyeballs into fabric flowers. My husband had a freakshow banner made for us as a wedding gift by Dayna Noffke.



Embroidery on Stephanie's beautiful dress

My dress and cake were the most gothic elements of our wedding. The dress was made for me by my really good friend Lynda Cohen Kinne, who has moved to London 🙁 The cake was made by Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


The ceremony

Most Memorable moment:

My husband spinning me around right after the ceremony. It was so spontaneous!


The kiss

Tell us about the music at your wedding:

We had two gothic bands play, The Bride, who are no longer around (the guitarist and keyboard player moved to Brazil)and The Cult of the Psychic Foetus from Ohio. The third act was Al Duvall, a one man band from Brooklyn.

Brides-the band-gothic-wedding

The Brides


Any advice for other gothic brides and grooms?

Advice I’d give to any engaged couple is “Don’t cave to family pressure, do things your way” What I’ve discovered working in the wedding industry is that this issue is a lot more complicated for people then I previously thought. I’ve seen couples that I thought were more independent give into the wishes of their family, even if it contradicts what they want. So just telling people “do what you want” doesn’t really carry a lot of weight. Remember, if you take money from parents they will most likely feel they have a say in how you plan your day.

That being said, a few words of practical advice:

  • get contracts signed with your vendors, and receipts for any cash transactions.
  • make sure you have someone help with clean up after your event if needed (one thing we didn’t plan for!)
  • have some making sure you look good all day for photos, sweat, grease, smeared lipstick, unbuttoned buttons, etc. Have someone carry around your make up and tissues for blotting perspiration.
  • for group photos, assign someone to round up relatives and friends to pose




For more tips and inspiration on planning your own gothic wedding, check out the Gothic Wedding Planner book.