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The Engagement Ring - a how-to Guide - Gothic Wedding PlannerGothic Wedding Planner

The Engagement Ring – a how-to Guide

Choosing an engagement ring can be a harrowing process – do you tell them, or don’t you? What sort of ring should you go for? Did you get the size correct? What about the engagement ring itself – How do you present it? These are the questions running through the head of every man and woman about to propose to their beloved. But when you’re trying to search for an alternative or gothic engagement ring, the problem can be even more difficult.

Well, relax, and read our tips of finding the ideal engagement ring to help you out.


Gothic engagement ring.

Telling the other person.

This is up to you, really, but the best thing to do if you’re going to surprise them is ensure that it’s either the perfect ring (i.e. the one they’d choose for themselves), or a temporary ring as a token, so you can go and get the real one as a couple. Even the most laid-back jewelry-wearers can be particularly fussy when it comes to engagement rings – it’s something they have to wear on their hand every day, so it has to be comfortable, look great, and go with most of their clothing.┬áThis is one of the many reasons diamond engagement rings are so popular – they match with most clothing colors and styles. An alternative engagement ring might have multi-coloured stones or a unique style that doesn’t look quite so good at the office.

If you’re worried about choosing the perfect ring, you could consider talking to your other half about the engagement, and go and choose a ring together, as this is the ideal way to ensure that they’re getting the ring they want. It might not be as surprising for them – well, it won’t be surprising at all, but if you’re unsure of what to get them and are staring at engagement rings from 77 Diamonds for hours on end, maybe this is for the best. When we got engaged, my husband and I sat down and talked about it, went and chose the ring together, and he kept it to surprise me with it later. I had no idea when or how he would propose – and he surprised me by slipping it on my finger while I was asleep!

The wedding ring.

The wedding ring is usually a lot less extravagant than the engagement ring, and is usually a plain band, but you can be as ornate as you like – a full-finger-ring is totally okay, if that’s the look you’re going for. This is an easier job, as you can simply ask the other person and go wedding ring shopping together, or if you want, surprise each other on the day, but remember to pick the perfect wedding ring – you’ll likely have an audience when it’s presented to the other person for the first time!

It’s best to choose a ring that fits your personality but can be worn with all your clothing. You often forget your wearing it, and you don’t want to suddenly remember halfway through visiting your grandma that you need to remove you skill encrusted ring!

One great idea is to design your ring yourself. This ensures you get exactly what you want and that it’s highly personal. My husband designed our wedding bands based off an anglo-saxon design. They’re made from gold melted down from his grandmother’s jewelry. It’s wonderful to think that I wear something that’s so personal to him.


The big reveal.

So now that you’ve chosen you ring, how do you propose? Any way you like, just remember to be romantic and memorable. This is the one time you’ll be giving them a ring, most likely, so make the most of it. Whatever you feel is appropriate for the two of you, whether you’re at a swanky restaurant, eating a picnic in the park, on holiday or simply at home. Just make sure it’s a memorable, sweet and enjoyable moment for the pair of you.


Good luck with your wedding plans! For more info on planning a gothic or alternative wedding, check out the gothic wedding planner.

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