Gothic Weddings: Gothic Wedding Dresses in Australia


Many people email me to ask where I got my red gothic wedding dress from. I looked everywhere – in bridal shops all over New Zealand, and online in hundreds of bridal stores and gothic clothing designers – to no avail. But a chance browsing of an Australian website led me to Lara Ravasini and […]

Heavy Metal Wedding Songs


For Metalheads, Goths and other alterantive subcultures, music is at the heart of our lives. We often mark the passage of our lives with songs – we can create a soundtrack of our existence by remembering what we were listening to at out 16th birthday party, when we lost our virginity, at our graduation, on […]

Gothic Wedding Advice: Religious Issues at Your Gothic Wedding

Dear Steff Help! We’re planning an awesomely dark, fun gothic wedding. We’re super excited about it. But my grandmother (who’s born-again Christian uber religious) doesn’t even want to go. She has a problem with the venue (our favourite club downtown), the ceremony, the dress (red corset and black skirt), the music, the invitation, EVERYTHING. She […]

Gothic Wedding Advice: Having a Friend Shoot the Wedding Pictures


Dear Steff I’ve been trying to book a photographer, but they’re so expensive! I don’t want something complicated, just someone to document the ceremony, take some dramatic portraits and capture a few candid shots at the reception. But according to the photographers I spoke to, that’s going to cost half our wedding budget ($5000). I […]

Getting Married While Pregnant? Make your alternative wedding mama-happy


Let’s face it – as much as the steampunks among you would like to believe it, this isn’t the Victorian age anymore, and many people are living together and having kids before they get married. But what happens if you’re going to be pregnant at your wedding? Two good friends of mine are getting married […]

Gothic Wedding Advice: Catering for vegan wedding guests

vegan food at weddings

Dear Steff We have a real dilhema here! Our wedding is in a local pub, and the catering staff have been great so far, coming up with meal solutions for the gluten-free and vegetarian guests. But we have two vegan guests, and … well, the cooks are real ‘meat and potatoes’ fellas, and they don’t […]