Can I Have a Potluck Wedding?

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Dear Steff We’ve set our date for Feb next year and we’ve excited to be planning our wedding. We like to do things differently and always knew we’d be having a bit of an alternative event. I want it to feel more like a music festival or picnic then the usual stuffy, formal wedding. We […]

Steampunk Wedding Shoot: Heritage, Jess Manning Photography, Cog and Compass and more.


I am a lucky girl to have such talented friends. When I sent a message out on Facebook asking my crew if anyone wanted to help me put together a steampunk-themed shoot, within a day I had a solid crew of designers, photographers, cupcake bakers, makeup artists and models ready at my beck and call. […]

Steampunk Wedding Cake

Steampunk Wedding Cake

  Over at the Steampunk Workshop, Jake Von Slatt features a beautiful Steampunk cake made by Karen Collins at Baby Cakes, Massachussetts. This cake was Karen’s first foray into steampunk culture and I think she did quite well indeed!