Wedding DIY: Gnarly Tree Gothic Wedding Centrepieces


Gothic wedding gnarly tree centerpieces

If you’re anything like me, the typical “wedding industry” ideas of flower arrangements and pink and white floating candles don’t really make you excited about wedding centerpieces. One of the most gothic centerpiece ideas I’ve seen is the gnarly tree centerpieces – you know the ones – branches on all angles, with crystals and candles hanging down, creating a kind of dark, ethereal forest feeling. If you fancy a bit of crafty time you can make your own gothic gnarly tree centerpieces:


Gothic Gnarly Tree Centerpieces

For each table you need:

  • several tree branches
  • a pot
  • liquid nails (buy from a hardware store if you don’t have any in the toolbox at home)
  • selection of rocks
  • spray paint
  • newspaper
  • glitter paint
  • String of crystals (optional – buy from a craft shop)
  • hanging candles (optional)
  • decorations for pot (optional)

Estimated cost: $20 for liquid nails, $10 for spray paint. $5 per pot and $7 for hanging candles.

1. Take a selection of branches and strip the bark and leaves from them. Use branches that are sturdy and won’t leak sap over your beautiful gothic clothes. Leave the branches to dry for a few days – either in a sunny place or in front of the fire.

2. Lay out sheets of newspaper and spray the branches with paint. It’s probably best to do this outside because the fumes get quite noxious. Follow instructions for drying time. When dry, turn over and spray again. If you want your rocks to be black like your branches and your soul, spray paint them too.


3. While you wait for your twigs and rocks to dry, decorate pots with riddons or other spooky decorations. You could use glitter paint to draw designs around the rim of the pot. When the sticks are dry paint them with a layer of glitter paint.

4. Spray the bottom of the pot with liquid nails. Arrange the sticks in an aesthetically pleasing design in the pot and use more liquid nails to secure them in place. Pack the stones around them – make sure the stones completely cover the liquid nails at the top of the pot – add some ribbon, tulle or other decorations in between the stones to cover any gaps.

5. Rearrange at will. Hang the tealight lanterns from a couple of branches, string up the crystals and secure with a hot glue gun, and you have a dramatic gothic centrepiece.

Alternative: If your one of those couples who’d prefer money donations over presents, why not make a giant version of this tree and hang silver ID card clips on it? Your guests can pin wedding wishes and envelopes onto the tree. For extra fun, you could add some fake bats, crows and spiders amongst the branches.

Want more great gothic centerpiece ideas? You can find heaps in the Gothic Wedding Planner.