Can I Have a Potluck Wedding?

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Dear Steff We’ve set our date for Feb next year and we’ve excited to be planning our wedding. We like to do things differently and always knew we’d be having a bit of an alternative event. I want it to feel more like a music festival or picnic then the usual stuffy, formal wedding. We […]

Wedding Ceremonies for Shy Couples


If you’re shy, nothing sounds worse than standing up in front of a crowd of people and saying your wedding vows or giving a speech. For many shy brides and grooms, their loathing of talking in front of others can mar what should be a happy day. If you suffer from shyness, here are a […]

Lessons from an Alternative Wedding Celebrant

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I now have a Wedding Planner and Celebrant Facebook Page! I’ve been a registered New Zealand wedding celebrant for nearly a year now, and I’ve been thinking it would be a great idea to write a post reflecting on some of my experiences being “front and center” at the weddings of friends and acquaintances. Here […]

The Evils of Save-the-Date cards

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As those of you who’ve read my book, the Gothic Wedding Planner, know – I’m opposed to STDs. I mean Save-the-Date cards, although it never hurts to remind ourselves to practise safe sex. Practise a lot, if you’ve got the opportunity 🙂 Save-the-Date cards. I hates them. We didn’t send them out, and when my […]

Bridesmaids Gifts for Gothic and Alternative Weddings


Bridesmaids – we love them. They help glue invites together, they tell us when that dress we like look horrific, and stay up till the wee hours listening to our laments about the world ending because the napkins don’t match the gift boxes. With alternative weddings, the couple tends to make use of the creative […]

Getting Married While Pregnant? Make your alternative wedding mama-happy


Let’s face it – as much as the steampunks among you would like to believe it, this isn’t the Victorian age anymore, and many people are living together and having kids before they get married. But what happens if you’re going to be pregnant at your wedding? Two good friends of mine are getting married […]