What Constitutes a Wedding Disaster?

Wedding cake disaster.

With so many different elements to pull together, your wedding offers plenty of opportunity for disaster to strike. I’ve heard some real doozies – florists skipping town, priests breaking into hour-long sermons at outdoor weddings on a hot summer’s day, fistfights between the groomsmen and wedding dress alterations from hell. It’s inevitable that something, somehow, […]

Gothic Wedding Advice: a Gothic Christmas Wedding?

gothic christmas

Dear Steff I LOVE Christmas – it’s such a magical time of the year. Every Christmas I feel like there’s the surreal faery dust in the air. It’s just amazing. I want to get married at Christmas, preferably on Christmas Eve but at the very least two or three days before Christmas. My husband thinks it’s […]

Dancing alternatives at a gothic wedding?

gothic-wedding dance

Dear Steff I have a question. We want to do something fun at our reception that doesn’t involve dancing. We don’t dance and neither do our friends. Do you have any ideas for a gothic/steampunk wedding that doesn’t have dancing? *** I sure do! You shouldn’t be surprised to know this is a common question. […]

Bridesmaid Thank-You gifts that aren’t totally lame


Bridesmaids – we love them. They help glue invites together, they tell us when that dress we like looks horrific, they put up with all of our bridey, weddingey bollocks. So how do we say thank you? With alternative weddings, the couple tends to make use of the creative talents of those around them. Friends […]

Should we have a Wedding Registry?


Dear Gothic Wedding Planner We’re having a smallish (80) people wedding in our backyard. The theme is Gothic pagan fairy tale. We have a folk band playing and its gonna be heaps of fun. Should we have a wedding registry? My mum says we have to and without one no one will know what to […]

Medieval Wedding Traditions

who said a medieval wedding couldn

Medieval weddings have a certain magic, a touch of faerie in the air. So many of our notions of medieval matrimony are tied up in the tales of Auther and Guinivere, knights and chivelry and fantasy novels. The starting point for anyone planning a medieval (or other historical period) wedding is the source material and history books. […]