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Wedding Planning in the Digital Age - Apps for Busy Brides and Grooms - Gothic Wedding PlannerGothic Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning in the Digital Age – Apps for Busy Brides and Grooms

I’m about to take a bold step into uncharted territory. In the next month I’ll be purchasing my next Ipad. That’s right, from 2013, this NZ wedding celebrant is going digital.

The iPad presents a unique solution to a problem I’ve been having conducting wedding ceremonies for some time. As I am vision-impaired (I’m considered legally-blind), I need to have the ceremony printed in a large font so that I can read it without, quite literally, thrusting my nose into my book. So I’ve been printing ceremonies in size 24-30 font, but this means I have a huge stack of paper that I need to keep folding and flipping during a ceremony. I never liked this, as I try to be as unobtrusive as possible – the wedding is about the couple, not me and my paper issues. This problem was further exacerbated at a ceremony I conducted last weekend – I’d been given a handheld mic instead of a lapel mic, and had to juggle this, my papers and leather book, and a series of ribbons during a beautiful handfasting ceremony, all while dealing with a horrible flu! Needless to say, an alternative solution needed to be sought.

An iPad will allow me to zoom in, flip pages, and store multiple ceremonies and other files, while holding the device in one hand. I’m hoping to get a snazzy cover for it, too, so it will look great in your wedding photos. I’m going to debut my new toy at a Victorian Gothic wedding being held at Alberton House in Auckland later this month, and I can’t wait to report on how it goes.

While researching my new purchase, I’ve discovered that many brides and grooms are using the iPad as a versatile wedding-planning tool, replacing the tried-and-true ringbinder or wedding notebook used by couples of the techno-dinosaur age. In fact, there is now a wide range of wedding-planning apps available for you to use. Here are just a few I’ve discovered:

MyPANTONE Wedding Styleboard

If you love curating collections of wedding inspiration but want a way to create “inspiration boards” and find the perfect wedding items and accessories to match your theme, then MyPANTONE Wedding Styleboard is for you. Choose from over 200 PANTONE colours, and strart pairing them with the thousands of inspirational images on the app. You can even add your own images for a truly customizable experience. This app is perfect for brides and grooms at the beginning stages of planning, especially if their aesthetics are going to be a vital part of their day.

Wedding Budget

Wedding Caddy offer a range of simple-t0-use wedding planning apps, but one of their best is the Wedding Budget app. You can allocate funds to specific tasks and keep track of how much money you’ve spent and how much you’ve got left. The pie charts show you how much of each allocated fund you’ve spent, and it keeps an overall total. This is a great tool for carrying with you to wedding planning events if you need to check your numbers.

Wedding Countdown

Wedding Caddy also offer a wedding countdown app, so you can keep track of just how many days to go till your big day. I don’t know if that would be exciting, or terrifying.


Wedding Deluxe app from Serendipity apps.

iWedding Deluxe

Created by Serendipidy App Company, the iWedding Deluxe is an all-in-one wedding planning service on you iPad. It enables you to create to-do lists, add notes, track your budget, countdown the days, create seating plans, track guest contact information and rsvps, track vendor details, create the seating arrangements, track gifts, and a lot more besides. One thing I’m pleased to see is that iWedding Deluxe, unlike many other wedding apps, supports same-sex weddings. A thorough wedding planning app for any bride or groom.

Wedding Registry App from iLists

Wedding Registry App from iLists

iLists Wedding Registry

Family and friends are inquiring about your registry, but you can’t decide which store to choose? Why not create your own registry using ONLY items you could really enjoy? The Wedding Registry app from iLists enables you to do just that, by adding items you want and sharing your lists with family and friends. At a glance you can see what’s been purchased and add comments to entries such as “we love the red ones.” Sweet!

Wedding Jokes, Quotes and Toasts

The hardest job for the best man or maid of honour isn’t holding the brides hair while she throws up in the bathroom or getting the groom to the wedding with his clothing and dignity intact, it’s coming up with a wedding toast that’s humorous, appealing and from the heart. The Wedding Jokes, Quotes and Toasts app created by Prairie West can help jumpstart your toast-writing abilities by giving you a variety of jokes and toast wordings to get your creative juices sizzling.

Seating Planner

Sussing seating arrangements has always been a bit like doing a sodoku puzzle – you start filling in names and figuring out arrangements, but if you get one person wrong you have to start all over again. The Seating Planner app by GoBee labs makes this easy by importing guests from Facebook or your iPhone contacts list and moving them around the tables. You can change the size and position of the tables and add and delete people with ease. It also keeps track of guests with special needs or dietary requirements. If you’re feeling crazy, you can hit random and your guests will be placed at the whim of the device! And you can export your seating plan as a PDF or print it out for everyone to see.

Brides and grooms, what wedding apps are you using to keep track of your planning? Which have you found the most helpful? What would you say if I could somehow create a Gothic Wedding Planner app?

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