Wedding Ring Ideas for Alternative Brides

Wedding rings – a vital part of many wedding ceremonies, and that eternal reminder of the vows you make on your wedding day. The wedding ring is also the international symbol of “hand’s off” – letting others on the prowl know that you’re spoken for.

When choosing wedding rings, the important thing is to find a ring that not only suits your personality, but is one you’d feel comfortable wearing every day, and one that matched the majority of your clothing and jewelry. Depending on your style, you might find a really flamboyant ring that works for you, but generally you’re looking for a slightly plainer piece that still expresses your unique style.

Traditional Wedding Rings

Most brides and grooms choose a plain gold band, perhaps adding an inscription on the interior surface. This is a safe choice as it definitely matches most items of clothing! And with no settings sticking up, there’s little chance of the ring snagging on something or getting damaged with everyday use. Although, that’s no to say you couldn’t choose a unique wedding band, such as this design – Parched Earth No.2 – from Doron Merav.

However, it’s also common for women to wear diamond wedding rings as part of a set – matching their engagement ring and eternity ring. Diamond wedding rings are still extremely popular for a good reason – diamonds ARE definitely forever and, buying them from a reputable source such as Wedding Rings Direct ensures that you know the provenance of the stones.


Parched Earth No2, by Doron Merav

Metal Wedding Rings

Although gold is definitely the most traditional metal for wedding rings, many couples are opting for more unusual materials – such as tungsten carbide. This durable metal will definitely stand up to the rigors of everyday life. Metal rings can be beautiful, and you can do awesome things like have them engraved with a special message or have your partner’s fingerprint stamped inside them.


Fantastic fingerprint wedding rings from Brent&Jess –

Design Your Own Wedding Ring

My husband designed our wedding rings himself. He was given a collection of jewelry that belonged to his grandmother, and he melted that down for the metal, and used stones from the pieces – a garnet and an emerald – to decorate the rings. Our stones are set into the surface of the ring, so nothing sticks up that can be snared, and an anglo-saxon inscription reads “Two Souls As One”. I love wearing something that’s so unique to us and that came from his own imagination, and that carries with it such beauty and history.

If you want to custom design your wedding ring, talk to jewelers you know about your ideas. Collect a few pictures of rings you like, and discuss different options to ensure you understand the pros and cons of different designs.

Tattoo Wedding RIng


Tattoo wedding rings are AWESOME.

Recently, my husband had our wedding ring tattooed on his arm. He works a physical job and can’t wear jewelry, so he chose to tattoo his ring on to his skin so he could still “wear” it everywhere. I love the idea of being able to seal your bond in flesh with a tattoo, and the tradition of marking important events in one’s life in ink is an ancient one. Health restrictions mean you probably won’t be able to get tattooed at your wedding ceremony, unless you have it in a tattoo parlour, but you could visit the shop a week before and have a design tattooed, then reveal them at the ceremony.


Wedding Ring Alternatives

And, of course, there is no reason why you have to have a ring at all. You could exchange another item of jewelry – maybe bone pendants you’ve made yourselves, or earrings, or a bracelet. You might choose to exchange some other item of sentimental value, or you might have a symbolic ceremony using candles or sand or blood, and forgo exchanging objects at all.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that your wedding ring will be with your forever, so make sure it’s something you love wearing every day.

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