Real Weddings: Andrea and Aaron’s Medieval Picnic Wedding

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medieval wedding new zealand

I’ve said this before, but the best part of being a wedding celebrant is being able to be such a vital part of a couple being able to come together and make their commitment to each other. And that awesomeness is magnified a hundredfold when you are able to marry close friends and family. Andrea […]

Real Weddings: Brendon and Eve’s laid back, butterfly garden party wedding


Here’s the next instalment in my “Real Weddings” series, where I profile both real weddings that I’ve officiated, as well as other alternative readings submitted by readers. I’m slightly behind (just slightly) as I actually performed this ceremony over a year ago. I went to school with the bride, Eve. She was a bubbly, vivacious […]

Lord of the Rings Wedding in NZ Women’s Weekly!

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lotr wedding-nz-womens-weekly-steff-wedding-celebrant

On 11 November, I was blessed to officiate at a truly unique wedding ceremony. James and Jen Knoeson wanted to tie the knot like Arwen and Aragorn in true Lord of the Rings style. In the picturesque gardens of the Bridgewater Country Estate, the couple said their vows dressed in elven finery, and I performed […]

Real Weddings: Lee and Chrissy’s laid back Heavy Metal concert wedding

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Every wedding is special, but for the wedding celebrant, the first wedding they officiate definitely remains in their mind. And if their first wedding happens to be a heavy metal show for two close friendly and incredible awesome people, well … it’s definitely a occasion to remember for the rest of your life! Lee and […]

Steampunk Wedding Video on YouTube


Remember the beautiful Steampunk Wedding Shoot we shot a few months ago? Well, my wonderful friend James Beck (wife of Jaimee of Cog and Compass fame) has just released our official steampunk wedding video – featuing all the details and behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot. This is a great way to see how a shoot […]

Steampunk Wedding Shoot: Heritage, Jess Manning Photography, Cog and Compass and more.


I am a lucky girl to have such talented friends. When I sent a message out on Facebook asking my crew if anyone wanted to help me put together a steampunk-themed shoot, within a day I had a solid crew of designers, photographers, cupcake bakers, makeup artists and models ready at my beck and call. […]