Real Gothic Weddings: Ann and Vinnie’s heavy metal, viking wedding of DOOM!

viking wedding ceremony kiss

I am a sucker for a heavy metal wedding. Ann and Vinnie knocked my multi-colored socks off with their Slayer, Heavy Metal, Viking wedding. Check out their kick ass day, and their hilarious photoshoot. I think this would have to be one of the most fun weddings ever! Who be you? Ann Verleg Bulloch – […]

Real Gothic Wedding: Haili and Michael’s kickass Rockabilly Wedding

Haili and Michael in true Rockabilly style

This is the first rockabilly wedding I’ve profiled on the Gothic Wedding Planner blog, and if this is how awesome they are, I hope I see many more. Haili and Michael look like they’re having an awesome time with their guests, and I’ve never seen a couple look more badass. Who be you? Haili and […]

Real Gothic Weddings: Sassy and Ian’s Gothed-up Christmas Wonderland Wedding

singing the register to a caroling choir

I wanted to give you a special Christmas treat today – another Real Gothic Wedding! This one’s from Sassy and Ian in England. They created this magical Christmas wedding with a gothic twist. I love Sassy’s wedding dress – especially the corset from Angels Carrying Savage Weapons (watch for a feature on them soon!) and […]

Rachel and Sean’s Southern Gothic Wedding

One of the best sources of inspiration for gothic brides are pictures and stories from real gothic weddings. So here on the gothic wedding planner blog, I try to feature a few real-life gothic weddings to give you heaps of ideas. Sean and Rachel’s wedding is unique for a number of reasons: the bride’s beautiful […]

My Grymm & Epic Heavy Metal Fantasy Wedding

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Our wedding was AWESOME. Being married is truly amazing! Everything went off perfectly and our guests had a marvelous time. And we got married! How cool is that? We wanted our wedding to be totally us – who doesn’t? – so we booked Spookers, a haunted attraction in part of the old Kingseat Mental Asylum. […]