Bridesmaids Gifts for Gothic and Alternative Weddings


Bridesmaids – we love them. They help glue invites together, they tell us when that dress we like look horrific, and stay up till the wee hours listening to our laments about the world ending because the napkins don’t match the gift boxes. With alternative weddings, the couple tends to make use of the creative […]

Halloween Wedding Themes


If you’re anything like me, Halloween is your favourite holiday. Costumes, Spooky decorations, hauntings and – of course – all that candy! So when you begin planning your upcoming nuptials, of course you think a Halloween Wedding would be perfect. So now you know your theme – Halloween – but what kind of Halloween wedding […]

Seasons of the Earth – medieval wedding dresses, handfasting cords, ritual oils


Recently I got asked to perform a wedding ceremony for a bride and groom getting married in a medieval style wedding. Their ceremony includes a lot of pagan elements – including an elaborate handfasting ceremony, and I’ve excited about being able to officiate for them! I’ve been finding lots of beautiful pagan / medieval website […]

Gothic Weddings: Gothic Wedding Dresses in Australia


Many people email me to ask where I got my red gothic wedding dress from. I looked everywhere – in bridal shops all over New Zealand, and online in hundreds of bridal stores and gothic clothing designers – to no avail. But a chance browsing of an Australian website led me to Lara Ravasini and […]

Gothic Wedding Dresses from Drac in a Box, UK

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Drac in a Box is one of those unique gothic clothing companies I constantly keep an eye on. They specialize in particularly extravagent handmade Victioan-style gothic clothing, much of it looing like pieces from an elaborate movie set. Drac in a Box have a gothic bridal section of their website, where you’ll find beautiful gothic […]

Couture Witch Hats by Ferdworthi Creations


I am quite in awe of these stunning couture witch hats by Ferdworthi Creations on Etsy. If you were planning a pagan/earthy/witchy gothic wedding, wouldn’t one of these gorgeous witches hats be the perfect finishing touch on your wedding outfit? Just look at the staggering detail in these couture witch hats. You can create your own witchy […]