Gothic Wedding Veils


Once you’ve found the perfect gothic wedding dress, adding the perfect gothic accessories becomes your next task. First, you must decide how you’ll have your hair. In long, luscious flowing locks? In a tight, Victorian do? Or a pinup coif? At some point, you’ll probably consider a gothic wedding veil, and I don’t blame you. […]

Gothic Silk Scarves from Kteis


If you want to add a pop of color to your wedding outfit, provide a suitably-gothic shawl to keep off the graveyard chill, or find an elegant but gothic gift for your beautiful bridesmaid, I think you’ll be amazed at the silk scarves, shawls and sheer clothing designed by Kteis. This designer from Zaghab, Croatia, […]

Gothic Wedding Gowns and Corsets from Azrael’s Accomplice and AZAC Designs

Fairytale Princess Wedding Gown, from Azrael

If you’ve been hunting around the online gothic couture shops for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of Azrael’s Accomplice. Both Azrael’s Accomplice and AZAC Designs (a “less gothy” line of gowns and eveningwear) are the children of designer Tracy Robertson, often called by her nickname Batty. If you’re looking for that perfect gothic […]

Gothic Wedding Dresses from Wedding Dress Fantasy


Even though I got married nearly two years ago now, it doesn’t mean I ever tire of looking at pretty gothic dresses, especially when I can call it “research” for my book. When Tova emailed me to let me know about her collection at Wedding Dress Fantasy, I admit I got a little fluttery, thinking […]

Creating the Perfect Steampunk Wedding Attire

Steampunk – the meshing together of Victorian sensibilities and science-fiction. The aesthetic of aether and brass, of steamships and Air Pirates, of death and glory and mother England. In the last few years, Steampunk has taken to world by storm – not just as a subgenre of science-fiction movies, books and games, but as a […]

Gothic Wedding Veil Alternatives


I have never been a huge fan of wedding veils, personally. It’s just not my style. My sister had a cute little one, just popped in underneath her bun, with a beautiful headpiece and birdcage veil pinned into her hair. It was so understaed and beautiful. On her. On me, veils just never seemed to […]